What heat get up to at Christmas…

One of the best times of the year as a heat staffer is Christmas time.

From the minute that first festive song gets played on the heat stereo (not everyone enjoys that, the scrooges!) and the bumper issue of the magazine goes to press (this is out now by the way – and it’s bigger and more exciting than ever, don’t forget to pick up a copy) – that’s when you know it really IS Christmas.

Around the same time as when we go to press with the Christmas issue, the tree will go up (thanks to our fab Ed Assistant, Giselle), the Navity scene will come out and the wine starts being sent in (in bulk). Doesn’t sound like the worst job in the world, does it?

Then comes the moment when we turn on the Christmas tree lights. In the past, we’ve had Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas from Corrie arriving with champagne for the occasion. One year we sang carols and danced with Same Difference before they pushed that big red button. This year, we had Cousin Harry and Sam from ITV2 show The Only Way Is Essex showing up for mulled wine and presents, before they did the honours. You can even watch them do that.

There are various festive parties of course, a few launches and gigs but last Friday we had a cheeky unofficial heat Christmas party at a nearby pub. Let’s just say the room came alive with Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair came on the playlist. Who knew the heat girls could whip their hair back and forth so well?

And last Tuesday was the big company Christmas party at Movida (oh yes, classy). There was a lot of champagne flowing through the night but no one seemed in the best of moods on Wednesday (that was inevitable). Oh and the heat team managed to sit themselves right next to a little automatic photo area. That was a bad move… because we ended up with lots of pictures like this (this is one of the better ones)…

Now, we’re coming up to our final week at work before Christmas (and my final week ever before I go off and be a real freelancer! Sob.) And on Thursday, we have our heat Christmas dinner and drinks (yes, more drinks). It’s usually one of my favourite days of the year, as we have a little Awards ceremony, then some people show off their crazy talents like Irish dancing, playing the recorder, singing and generally ridiculous but fun stuff (in true Britain’s Got Talent style)… and then we go eat turkey!
The Awards (or TAHOA) recognise heat team members for their legendary work throughout the year – usually for things like being the Best Dressed Woman, being the Best Blagger of 2010, who has the best sexual chemistry in the office (the very important stuff).

It’s all fun, all fabulous and is the best way to celebrate Christmas – with one of the best magazine teams ever! It’s going to be a good last week…


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