heat review: The Lies We Told by Diane Chamberlain

[As reviewed in heat magazine: Issue 617] 


The Lies We Told by Diane Chamberlain
MIRA, £7.99
Published: 18 February 2011

Right from the very beginning, you know that this novel is going to grip you. In fact, get the tissues handy beforehand (unless you’re a heartless robot, you’ll need them). The Lies We Told recounts the story of Maya and Rebecca – two sisters who become incredibly close after witnessing a gunman murder their parents. Years later and Maya is a timid woman, happily married to Adam, but sadly struggling to have a baby. Rebecca is the polar opposite of Maya and spends most of her time risking her life around the world, working in global disasters zones. But when a huge cyclone hits the girls’ home state of North Carolina, Adam and Rebecca convince Maya to help them with the rescue. It’s a decision that leads to unforeseen consequences. You’ll be desperate to find out the fate of poor Maya and what Adam and Rebecca will do in their grief. Chamberlain’s latest book is well and truly a heart-tugging tale about the complexities of family, so be prepared for a a sob-fest. * * * *


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