heat review: Daughters In Law by Joanna Trollope

[As reviewed in heat magazine, Issue 618]

Daughters In Law by Joanna Trollope
Double Day, £18.99
Published: 3 March 2011

Joanna Trollope has been writing novels for over thirty years. That’s a whole of reading for us! Thankfully she’s still going strong and her latest book comes in the form of a family tale about, as the title suggests, daughters in law. Rachel is mum to three boys – Ralph, Ed and Luke. Together with her husband, Anthony, she rules the roost at the family home and loves having her boys back for food and advice whenever they need it. Then one by one they get married – until finally her youngest Luke ties the knot to Charlotte – a strong, independent girl who isn’t up for playing happy families with her in-laws every weekend. It’s then that Rachel realises she’s losing grip over her boys and her struggle to cope with not being the centre of their worlds not only begins to affect her relationship with her new daughter-in-law but also her sons and husband. Joanna’s fabulously descriptive writing expresses true wrought emotion, tension and hurt – which will draw you in to Rachel’s family world instantly. * * * *


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