heat review: Wasting Light by The Foo Fighters

[As reviewed in heat magazine Issue 624]

Wasting Light by Foo Fighters
Released by: Roswell/RCA
Out now

In a nutshell: In a world where Auto-Tune is more common than live vocals and computer-assisted production is a given, come the Foos with an album created in Dave Grohl’s basement, with the band playing live and using old-school analogue tape. But can good old-fashioned ability still produce a hit record in 2011? Of course it can.

What’s it like? The lack of production is immediately clear and opening track Bridge Burning plunges you straight into raw, rocky delirium. From then on, each track explodes into a chorus has that has the classic Foo stamp all over it – rampant guitar rock with honest lyrics (first single Rope is a perfect example of this). By the end, you’ll feel like you’ve been singing your whole life and that These Days is the soundtrack to your world, while I Should Have Known will melt into your very core.

How many good tracks? Nine, out of 11.

Best track: Dear Rosemary features indie rock legend Bob Mould and is simply sublime.

Worst track: White Limo is just a little too noisy for our delicate little ears.

Verdict: Humbling, thought-provoking and entirely brilliant. * * * *


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