heat review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

[As reviewed in heat magazine, Issue 626]

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
Orion, £9.99
Published: 12 May 2011

The plot: It’s 1999 and pals Beth and Jennifer are stuck in a newspaper office. They’re supposed to be working, but having only just been given the internet, they’re actually just e-mailing each other about their dreams, paranoid boy thoughts and general musings. And in another room, during the night shift, handsome young IT guy Lincoln is reading every email…

What’s right with it? Told mostly via the medium of e-mails, this is a fresh way of relating the stories three vibrant, loveable characters. Beth and Jennifer’s conversations are utterly hilarious, and then there’s a cute love twist.

What’s wrong with it? Reading this just might makes you question who is reading yout electronic ramblings.

Verdict: Witty, original and easy to relate to. Attachments is an absolute pleasure to read. * * * *


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