heat review: The Making Of Us by Lisa Jewell

[As reviewed in heat magazine, Issue 628]

The Making Of Us by Lisa Jewell
Century, £12.99
Published: 12 May 2011

The plot: It’s 1979, and Glenys and her husband are struggling to conceive a child. When she decides to go behind his back and call on a sperm donor, she assumes she is one of very few taking such drastic measures. What she doesn’t realise is that women all over the ciubtry are doing the same. Decades later, with both her parents gone, young, successful but lonely Lydia finds out that she wasn’t her father’s child, but that of a starnger. And she wasn’t the only one…

What’s right with it? As Lydia goes on a voyage of self-discovery, you’ll find yourself empathising with her all the way – her story has real emotional depth. The story telling and characters are so genuine you can’t help but get abosrbed by the very beginning.

What’s wrong with it? It’s pretty faultless, although fans of Lisa’s work might be disappointed that, unlike some of her more recent books, there are no magical elements in this tale.

Verdict: Jewell has completely upped her game with this beautifully observed novel. * * * * *

Also… Lisa’s in Waterstones in Nottingham on Thursday 26 May. Find out more here: http://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/displayDetailEvent.do?searchType=1&author=Lisa|Jewell


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  1. A lovely review Karen. Thank you.

    We've posted a link to it from the Official Lisa Jewell Facebook Page. http://www.facebook.com/LisaJewellofficial

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