review: Bed by David Whitehouse

Bed by David Whitehouse
Canongate, 11.99
Published: 02 June 2011

“We are like planets orbiting him, drawing in a little closer each time.”

From a very young age Mal Ede has had the ability to run rings around his family. His mother – a delicate kind lady, finds it impossible to let him suffer as a result of his own mind – and waits on his every need because, quite simply, she loves him. The fact is, Mal is not like all the other kids – and as a result wherever he goes, there go a following of people who are either encapsulated by his behaviour or are just there to watch ‘the Mal show’ unravel. But Mal’s family aren’t there for the drama – they are there because of their unconditional love for a son, a brother and as he becomes a man, a boyfriend.

When his 25th birthday arrives, Mal makes a life-altering decision. He decides he’s going to bed – indefinitely. And told through the eyes of a loving brother, this is the story of how Mal’s choices change his loved ones’ lives. And it will leave you questioning how love can be as destructive for a person, as it can be good. Utterly absorbing and completely unforgettable. * * * * *

Find out more about David Whitehouse at (he’s not to be mistaken for the astronomer and former BBC correspondent of the same name). Actually here’s this David Whitehouse in a bed on London’s Southbank.


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  1. Nice review. Nice blog, Miss Karen. Dom x

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