The BEST heatworld story ever!

…I think I’ve just written it…

This story made Friday night seriously amazing. Check it out here: @heatworld

So, we’ve been at Hard Rock Calling this evening in London’s Hyde Park and it’s from there that we bring you this HUGE news. Prince Harry (along with his cousins Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie) is currently doing a round of tequila shots with the cast of Glee and Gossip Girl. Together! All of them! Doing tequila! AMAZING.

We spotted the Glee cast arrive earlier on in the evening, when they headed straight to the Hard Rock bar at the festival. Chris Colfer (Kurt), Matthew Morrison (Mr Schu’) and Dianna Agron (Quinn) were among the crowd and they were all having a great time. And they all headed off as soon as the countdown to the Killers (who were headlining the show) began at 8.30pm.

Of course, we were there at the side of the stage with them and we saw the moment that Prince Harry was whisked through with about 15 security guards – right into a prime position. And it was there that he watched Brandon Flowers deliver his spectacular set. Then after the show, the whole gang headed back to the Hard Rock bar, where they are – as we speak – boozing together.

That’s right, the Royals, the Glee cast AND Chace Crawford on ONE table.

Now you can’t tell us we don’t bring you the gossip as it happens – and now we’re going to stop typing this and go keep an eye on this fabulous concoction of celebrity. This might be the best thing we’ve ever witnessed… if you don’t see us again, it’s because we passed out at the sight of Harry’ muscles (trust us, they are huge)…

Stay tuned for more updates!

And also, thanks all at Hard Rock, Live Nation, Frank PR and LD Communications for looking after us!


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