Latitude Festival 2011: round up

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Latitude Festival 2011 REVIEW: New artists to watch
Posted by The Art Stop on Monday 18th of July 2011

Last Thursday, in a far away field in Suffolk, Latitude Festival got underway – with a huge bill of top performers, authors, poets, actors and comedians. Seeing as this festival wasn’t all about the huge headliners and more about discovering growing talent who you may not yet be familiar with, it was definitely worth trudging through the mud in wellies – and we’ve all come back with a few fantastic new names on our playlists/reading lists. Here’s a little guide to some of the most inspiring, exciting and talented artists from the weekend…

All these acts will have dates coming up in London. When they do hit the city, they are most definitely worth checking out…

1. Marques Toliver (music)
Florida-born Marques was ear-marked for success after he was spotted busking in Brooklyn, New York by Kyp Malone from America’s TV on the Radio. His songs are about making something out of life, having strength, the people he meets and his everyday surroundings – his voice is out of this world. On Sunday, Marques played to a crowd in the Sunrise Arena and left everyone there wanting more. He plays his violin (and other instruments) while singing. His show is very impressive.

2. Dionne Bromfield (music)
You might know Dionne as the god daughter of Amy Winehouse. But this year is her year to become an artist in her own right. Having just released a new album, Good For The Soul, Dionne is officially now a festival performer and she took to main stage at Latitude by storm on Saturday. Her voice is full of soul, full of power and will make you forget instantly that you’re listening to a 15-year-old.

3. Everything Everything (music)
A band that are full of energy and with a list of brilliant tracks. As far as uplifting alt-rock goes, Everything Everything are a band you can’t miss. When they played the Union Chapel in December, the audience loved them. And now they are very much in demand – in fact, the were so much in demand at Latitude that the Word Arena was positively overflowing with festival-goers wanting to catch them. The boys come from across the UK – Newcastle, Kent and Guernsey and now they live in Manchester.

4. David Whitehouse (literature)
David, a journalist from Nuneaton, has just written his highly-anticipated debut novel. And to celebrate the team at Latitude invited him to take part in a Literary Death Match with three other up coming and highly regarded writers. Reading in front of a panel of judges, Dave not only won over the three professionals (and the audience) by reading his own novel, Bed – but then managed to blag an overall win in a bizarre literary version of Deal Or No Deal. He won a plastic medal with his name on. David be similar ‘death matches’ and readings back here in London. Be sure to catch him and to read Bed.

[Not just included because I know him, I promise – he was genuinely brilliant! He won a fake plastic medal for goodness sake (it did get boring when he wore it everyday though)]

5. Yellowire (music)
Ol Beach is, essentially, Yellowire. He’s supported Robbie Williams on tour previously and is now hitting the festival scene in order to show the masses just what he can do. And with his friendly smile, charming manner, distinct voice and the tiny fact that Ol is the son of Jim Beach (manager of the mighty Queen) – Yellowire will certainly be making a mark.

6. Scala And Kolacny Brothers (music)
Just the thought of a 200-piece female choir taking to a stage is slightly mind-blowing. But when you see these girls on stage along with their founders Steven and Stijn Kolacny, you will be totally mesmerised. They came all the way from Belgium to play the afternoon slot on Sunday and drew in a huge crowd (perhaps one of the biggest of the weekend in fact, if you don’t count the headliners) almost immediately by their distinct performance. Their incredibly dark – yet captivating – versions of U2’s With Out Without You and Radiohead’s Creep were both equally impressive. Some of their other work worth listening to are their take on the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong”, Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana) and Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters.

7. Foster The People (music)
Hailing from LA, this indie pop band were originally called Foster And The People – but so many people misheard their name, they decided to just go with it. Their handsome faces certainly help draw in the audiences but their songs are just as thrilling – and as they dazzled a crowd on Sunday night in the woods at Latitude, it was clear they are going to go a long way.


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