This beautiful continent deserves its own page.

I could not have dreamed this kind of beauty in my wildest dreams and I’m still in disbelief that I’ve been to the southern most continent in the world.

Imagine being surrounded my hundreds of adorable penguins. Loving pairs, nesting, feeding and tobogganing through the snow like the happiest creatures in the world. Picture Humpback whales and Minke tail-slapping and spouting as they swim alongside your boat. Leopard seals lie on sea ice, quietly eyeing up nearby penguins for their next meal. It’s a world where science, nature, evolution and sheer beauty go hand-in-hand.

My trip to the Antarctic Peninsula in December 2014 changed my life. It made me realise the small snapshots I was able to see of the world until this point, were simply not enough. There started my adventure around the planet – an adventure that is still going strong and brought me back to this wonderfully icy continent again in 2015. To see this place once, let alone twice, in a lifetime is just mind-blowing. I’ll remember Antarctica’s magic forever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful, passionate, knowledgeable expedition staff and crew on the Silver Explorer, a ship operated by SilverSea – particularly the brilliant Kara Weller, our Expedition Leader.



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